(Almost) One Month Update

Sorry for the long break from posting – we were having technical difficulties. It’s been almost one month since my parents went to Japan. I’ve adjusted pretty well. Aunty KT gets really worried when I don’t eat much, but I’m just a finicky cat. I make sure to leave nice presents for her in my litter box! I’ve been out more, usually hanging out on mom & dad’s bed while KT is here.

Aunty Jen went on a short trip. I saw her yesterday and sat in the hall, glaring the entire time. I am the perfect Halloween cat. Boo!

Michael has been visiting more often. He makes smoothies with the blender and does a lot of laundry.

I will be sure to post a photo next time. I think Aunty KT will be visiting me later tonight.

I Am Learning to Be Less Shy

Auntie Jen visited me on Sunday and I didn’t hide. I was resting on Mom & Dad’s bed. I didn’t come out to see her, but she should feel blessed that I did not make her search the house.

Auntie KT visited me on Monday and Tuesday. I wonder if she knows that Michael stopped by. When KT came in on Tuesday, I greeted her at the door. Like a dog. Auntie Jen told KT she is going to quit soon hahahaha. I like playing these games with Jen.

I am Remy

and I am a black cat. This is my blog. My family went to Japan and my aunties, KT and jenniO are caring for my every need. Sometimes I’ll get to see my brother, Michael.

I’ve been eating pretty well. I sometimes come out to say hello to KT; I even let her pet me once! But not jenniO; I prefer to make her find me in my favorite hiding spots. I hope you join us for short stories of our adventures!


Remy greeting KT (09/19/2019)